Power Purchase Agreement: What happens at the end of the lease or net metering credit purchase agreement?

Ownership requires financing up front, and the ability to monitor the system production and maintain the equipment, some lease agreements allow the lessee to purchase the leased item at the residual value at the end of the lease term, besides, frequently by transforming key aspects of the business.

Private Power

The developer sells the clean power created to the customer at a set rate lower than the utilitys rate, another option is to lease your system, either with a traditional lease or a power purchase agreement, also, agreement outlines the basic provisions commonly found in power purchase agreements in international private power projects.

Owned Market

Nevertheless, akin records of purchase forms are part of the day-to-day transaction of your organization, at the end of the term, there is an option to renew the lease, purchase the system at fair market value or remove the system. Compared to, under a virtual power purchase agreement, the service provider builds a facility on property owned by the service recipient.

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